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alright where are all yall getting these kermits…

If the head and heart could agree, life would be very very simple :(

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There are times when even the strongest people will break down. Everything that has built up comes crashing down and you enter a spiral of dispair. However after wallowing in self hate you realise that sadness doesn’t help. It doesn’t fix the issue at hand, nor improve it, what’s done is done and that cannot be changed, all you can do is look at the current situation and see how it can be acted on in a positive way. You realise that your emotions, physical state and life is in your hands. If you want to feel shit you will feel shit. If you want to climb out of that pit of despair only you can do it, others can help you, but YOU get yourself out in the end. You learn that your life will continue regardless, but rather it’s how you wish to continue it that counts.

I guess this reinforces the idea that being defeated is not getting knocked down, but rather refusing to get up.

— Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now (via larmoyante)


since you have wakened her again,

she depends on you, she depends on you.